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ClinsChain Mission

ClinsChain Mission

For the purpose of “quality centered operation, customer centered services”, ClinsChain is devoted to forging a leading clinical supply service brand by providing business solutions, GMP compliant quality, regulatory compliance and capability of one stop services to MAH, pharmaceuticals R&D companies and global pharma companies.
Clinschain has a mission of providing high quality and GMP compliant  clinical supply services.  We believe that the best way to support clients’ clinical trials and secure clients’ interests is to manage clinical supplies by strictly following the international standards and the local quality requirements. The quality management of IMPs for clinical trials should respect the GMP requirements of manufacturing, logistics and storage of drugs, but also be in compliance of the specific requirements of clinical trials, which at least include project management, comparator purchase, management of randomization code, design and manufacturing of labels and cartons, packaging process design and quality management, batch record process, cold chain management, blinding control, import/export, return, destruction, transport management, etc., and should be conducted and controlled by following strict operation standards and relevant quality requirements. In addition, the conduct of clinical trials should be in full compliance with local regulatory requirements when operated in different countries in order to secure patient safety, ensure the smoothness of operation and collect high quality data. This is especially important for multi-national or international multi-center clinical trials which are increasing quickly.
ClinsChain also has a mission to work with clients and treat every project with great sincerity, and make ourselves prepared to best support client’s clinical trials based on listening to clients’s needs and specific requirements. We believe that clinical supply service is not mechanically to apply fixed internal processes to every projects, but rather to work on continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness by sincerely listening and taking care of clients, focusing the specific project requirements and maximizing client’s satisfaction while not compromising on quality and regulatory compliance.